queersamweek: Day 2: Favorite Queer Relationship [Sam/Dean]

"We keep each other human."


Destiel [Deancas] #20 for madilineskingdom

orphan black meme | 9/9 outfits


I sleep with a gun.


N°115 in the series “wild spam of random caps” - SN: 09x23

 /  I’m the biggest mess there is.


deanmeme: reoccurring themes (1/4)

    I had to look out for you.

"Here Dean learns the consequences of “failing” John’s prime directive to watch out for Sammy, the most important thing. Wanting anything for himself, even something as simple as an hour or two of video games, leads to horrific consequences: his brother is nearly killed, his father never looks at him the same. Dean internalizes that his vigilance over Sam’s safety can never rest. That unlike in the majority of cases of instrumental parentification, not just Sam’s everyday well being but his literal survival  depends on Dean’s choices." - amonitrate

screencap meme: badwolfrun asked for: rose + up close & personal