hey guys it’d mean a lot to me if you could follow my new blog constellxtionz its just photography and quotes and music and it’s a lot of stuff i already post on here i just want to move it to a different blog so please look at it!!


tumblr is currently a place for people not at comic-con to sit and wait for pictures of comic-con to be posted. then cry about how we are not at comic-con.  

"I can’t wait for comic con!!!!" … i say, behind a computer screen, miles and miles away from the actual event


I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sky like this before and it’s incredible


And you think I'm crazy
 Yeah, you think I'm crazy Well, that's nothing

"Team Free Will" requested by galaxynovak

Make me choose
↳ benlafitte asked: Leviathan!Cas or Godstiel?